Swipe right, it’ll give someone an ego boost.

Just 4% of young Tinder users use it to look for a relationship, according to a survey of 9,700 millennial college students conducted by student loan site LendEdu and survey company WhatsGoodly. They’re not even mostly looking for hookups (just 22% said that was why they used it).

The main reason they’re swiping right: to get an ego boost. Indeed, more than 44% of surveyed Tinder users said they used the app for “confidence-boosting procrastination.”

The internet is rife with people who admit as much. “I’m a Tinder-tease. I swipe, swipe, swipe, match, swipe, swipe, swipe, match, and then, when all the dust settles, I never even send a message,” confesses Jeff Wilser on Glamour.com. One of the reasons he cites for this kind of behavior: it gives “a quick jolt of excitement” but that another one is right around the corner.

Women do it too: Suzanne Weiss admits to as much on Bustle.com. The No. 1 reason she cites: “There’s the rush of dopamine when someone suddenly likes you back.”

Still, there’s little doubt that Tinder is popular — the company claims that it is responsible for 26 million matches and 1.4 billion swipes daily — and many people have found true love on the app as well. Tinder did not immediately respond to request for comment.