Hey girl. Out in La La Land, there’s a cup of coffee you have to see.

Carrera Café in Los Angeles is serving up $6 lattés adorned with Ryan Gosling’s face. It’s the latest in two ongoing trends: Latté art, and an infatuation with Gosling’s good looks. The latté is reportedly made using a machine called a Ripple Maker to generate the image Gosling’s face in the milk foam.

Come and get your Ripple on! Try our newest ripple with Ryan Gosling 💋

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Ryan Gosling on your latte and our goat cheese salad for lunch? What else do you need?

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“I think Ryan Gosling has his own special caché because he has the whole ‘Hey Girl’ meme,” says branding expert Rana Good, referring to a viral series of Gosling images featuring amusing and, often, romantic quotes. “It’s the combination of humorous and handsome that his face evokes. Adding Ryan Gosling’s face can bring a smile to your face, in the form of a coffee.”

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Wendy Cohen, a product placement executive for film and television, agrees: “He’s an attractive person, but also part of what makes him attractive is that he’s very talented and gets great gigs,” she says. But, “it’s not just his look — when you see his characters acting in various forms on screen, they really come to life. It’s his talent that sells him,” Cohen concludes.

“There’s a lot of people that are very attractive in the world, but he also has the personality where people say, ‘Oh, he’s so charming’” — which could help explain why consumers are responding so enthusiastically to the Gosling-themed latté.

The obsession with Gosling extends well beyond coffee. As one of Hollywood’s leading men, he starred in the 2016 Academy-Award winning film La La Land, and in August was named the 14th highest-earning male actor in the world. Gosling took in $29 million last year.

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The Gosling latté is just one of the vast collection of Gosling-themed products you can buy. Here are a few others:

1. Leggings: These Gosling leggings will put the actor right onto your body — well, a few dozen pictures of him, at least. The leggings, which retail for $53 at RedBubble.com, have both color and black and white photos of Ryan printed on them.

2. Earrings: Attach these $10 Ryan Gosling earrings to your earlobes, and you can pretend they’re whispering sultry statements in your ears. Bizarre as these earrings might sound, there are plenty of people buying them — they have nearly 3,000 reviews on etsy.com, with one customer writing: “They are perfect!”

Ryan Gosling earrings, $10, etsy.com

3. Mugs: If you can’t get to Carrera Café for your Gosling latté, you can drink from this Gosling-themed mug, instead. While there are many similar versions to choose from, this $9.42 rendition features a photo of the actor, accompanied by the caption: “Hey Girl, I thought it would be nice to bring you coffee. I hope this is hot enough for you.”

4: T-Shirts: Now you can wear Ryan. When it comes to Gosling-themed T-shirts, there are plenty of options. You could go for this $22.75 collage T-shirt, this $20.64 “Hey Girl” meme-inspired shirt, or even this $19.99 version that reads: “If I die today tell Ryan Gosling I loved him.” If none of those fits the bill, you can find even more on etsy.com.

Ryan Gosling T-shirt, $19.99, LookHuman.com

5: Pillowcases: You can now lie across a shirtless Gosling — in pillow form, anyway. This decorative pillowcase, described as having a “silky feel,” fits any standard sized pillow, meaning you can put it right on your bed. It’s currently on a 10% off sale at Bonanza.com, priced at $24.29.

Shirtless Ryan Gosling pillowcase, $24.29, Bonanza.com