Make room for a roommate.

At least if you want to save 10K this year. According to data released Thursday from personal finance site SmartAsset, in the top 10 priciest rental markets, getting a roommate can save a person nearly $10,000 in rent every year. SmartAsset looked at the average rent for a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom in 50 cities across America

That’s thanks, in part, to rising rents. Rents rose every single month this year, according to data from And year-over-year growth stands at 3.0%, which is “trending well ahead of the 2.1% rate from this time last year,” the company revealed.

Rents vary widely by city, but in pricey spots like New York and San Jose, the median one-bedroom now goes for more than $2,000, while more reasonably priced spots like Phoenix and San Antonio go for a little over $800.

Many people — roughly 5.8 million of them, according to Census Bureau data — already have a roommate. And if our embattled financial situations are any indication — more than half of Americans have less than $1000 in savings — many more of us should consider it.

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Especially those of us living in certain spots. California, for example, has five of the top 10 cities where it pays to live with a roommate, SmartAsset found.

10 cities where you save the most by having a roommate

City Average you’ll save each month on rent by having a roommate Average you’ll save each year on rent by having a roommate
San Francisco $1,122 $13,464
New York $990 $11,880
Boston $920 $11,040
San Jose $911 $10,932
Oakland $811 $9,732
Los Angeles $762 $9,144
Washington D.C. $705 $8,460
San Diego $659 $7,908
Chicago $641 $7,692
Seattle $637 $7,644


And these numbers just represent saving on rent. You can also sometimes save on utilities by having a roommate and may be able to create efficiencies in cooking and other household tasks that can also save money. Of course, it’s not always worth it to have a roommate. In some cities — Tucson, Wichita and Tulsa among them — it saves you less than $250 a month.