Social media’s top dogs are earning top dollar.

Loni Edwards, a graduate of Harvard Law School who now lives and works in New York City, represents some of the most sought-after celebrities. Her clients work with the top brands, appear on Good Morning America and the TODAY Show, and have hundreds of thousands of followers (millions, in some cases) on social media.

The surprise? They’re all canines.

Edwards, founder of The Dog Agency, represents the world’s most famous pups. Her company “is the first management agency focusing on animal influencers,” according to its website, and counts among its clientele dogs like Toast, Tuna, and Louboutina — familiar names to most dog-lovers with Instagram accounts.

In our first installment of Working Lunch, a new Moneyish original series where we have a bite to eat with all kinds of industry pioneers, Edwards opens us about her groundbreaking business, the movement she’s helped to spawn, and how you can turn your pet into a star. Special thanks to Loni and her famous dog, Chloe the Mini Frenchie — @chloetheminifrenchie on Instagram — for joining us, and to WeWork in Bryant Park, New York, for hosting us.