This springtime sweet treat is getting a dose of fall flavor.

Peeps has launched new Pancake & Syrup marshmallows ahead of Easter, a nod to the sap-filled food trend sweetening up lattes, cocktails and cookies. The Pancakes & Syrup variety is now available exclusively at Kroger supermarkets for $1.25 for a pack of 10.

“A trend that is on the rise is maple, and taking fun flavors like this and extending it beyond the traditional breakfast or baking category and into the candy aisle is fun for us and our fans,” Caitlin Servian, Peeps Brand manager, tells Moneyish.

It’s the boldest flavor combo next to other new Peeps launches, which include more fruity varieties like lemon sherbet, orange sherbet and sour cherry.

While the breakfast-inspired Pancakes & Syrup Peeps flavor doesn’t contain any actual maple syrup, it’s the latest snack to feed in to the new maple food trend that took off in the fall. Trader Joe’s sells Maple Leaf Cookies ($3.20); Noosa Yoghurt has a maple ginger flavor ($2.49); and Justin’s, the almond butter brand, added maple flavoring to its jars ($13.99). The pancake fixing is even making appearances at dinner parties with a maple smoked Vermont raw milk cheddar cheese ($6.48) and hot honeys like Bees Knees Spicy.

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The cocktail category is also getting a taste. Maple-flavored nonalcoholic drink sales are up nearly 85% since 2016, and alcoholic spirits, like maple-infused whiskeys by Crown Royal, Jim Beam and Knob Creek have rose 14%, according to analytics firm 1010 data.

So it’s no surprise that more brands want a taste.

“We look at research for flavors that are spiking in consumer interest, and simply look at what our fans are asking for. We typically introduce a new flavor exclusively through a national retail store to test it with fans and when it is received well we launch it nationally the following year,” says Servian of why Peeps chose to go with maple flavor profile this year.

Even fast food chains have caught on. Dunkin Donuts announced its Maple Pecan Ice Coffee and Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich combo in August. And Starbucks rivaled it’s own pumpkin spice craze by introducing a new Maple Pecan Latte — an espresso-based beverage with maple syrup and pecan flavoring– a month later.