He may have made an estimated $350 million from his silver tongue, but for once, Ryan Seacrest was lost for words.

After Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint in Paris last year, the executive producer of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” gave her a call. But all he could offer her was a hug over the phone and a “glad you’re ok.”

“It was really frightening and what can you say to someone who’s been through that?” the 42-year-old entertainment entrepreneur tells Moneyish, just after presenting the Fall 2017 collection of his Distinction clothing line at the WWD Menswear Summit. Distinction, which is carried exclusively by Macy’s, is a suiting and furnishings collection that is reportedly among the bestselling menswear collections the department store has ever launched.

In recent months, Distinction has brought on designer Matteo Gottardi, the fashion world’s favorite creative gun for hire,  and is now branching into what it calls “life wear”—clothing that’s a step down from suiting in terms of formality, but both office and date night-friendly. It includes knit pants ($95), a sweater hoodie ($110) and a plaid parka ($495).

A model wearing clothing from the Fall 2017 collection of Ryan Seacrest Distinction

The relatively low price points are meant to entice young strivers like his former self, says Seacrest. “I remember splitting a $300 apartment in LA and wanting to look good, but not being able to afford it,” he says.

Seacrest is no longer just a mere TV personality. Alongside a highly remunerated stint on “American Idol,” he’s also a well-compensated radio host and reality TV executive producer with mega hits like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” under his belt. A skincare line was also recently announced. However, Seacrest distances himself from failed Kardashian spinoff “I Am Cait,” which was cancelled after two seasons. “Hindsight is 20/20…but I don’t know why certain things don’t work,” he says, adding that he didn’t have a hands-on role producing the series helmed by Caitlyn Jenner.

Forbes estimates that the multimillionaire made $55 million last year, but there some habits that just don’t go away. Seacrest for instance, is a cheapskate when it comes to toothpaste. “I use it to the absolute last drop,” he says.