What do you eat while on a Netflix bender?

That may depend on where you live, according to custom data that food delivery site Grubhub, which delivers in 1100 cities, ran for Moneyish. We wanted to know what unique dishes people were ordering in each city, so Grubhub looked at the most ordered dishes in a city, as compared to the rest of the U.S.

In Baltimore, pizza fries reign supreme — residents there order that dish 616% more often than in the rest of the country — while in Minneapolis, they like it hot. Chicken makhani is the rage –  a creamy Indian dish that residents order 491% more than the rest of the country.

William Davis and Stefie Gan for Moneyish

“Each dish most ordered by each city is truly representative of the area’s food culture.,” says Kaitlyn Carl, a spokesperson for Grubhub. “For example, New York City’s love of croissants is quite representative of their fast-paced culture, as the pastry is easily consumable on-the-go. In St. Louis, we see the number one dish ordered is chili — which is representative of the city’s Midwestern food culture.”

Here are the top 3 foods in each city.

Veggie spring roll, 558% more often than the rest of the country
Cheese naan, 441% more
Mongolian chicken, 417% more

Spring roll, 661% more
Beef broccoli, 619% more
Falafel wrap, 570% more

Pizza fries, 616% more
Shrimp egg foo young, 614% more
Veggie samosa, 557% more

Grape leaves, 625% more
Alaskan roll, 560% more
Scallion pancakes, 529% more

Veggie egg roll, 699% more
Horchata, 602% more
Deep dish pizza, 589% more

Pad thai, 756% more
Catfish, 750% more
Green curry, 723% more

Satay chicken, 611% more
Sopapilla, 609% more
Coconut shrimp, 604% more

Egg roll, 503% more
Strawberry cheesecake, 465% more
Barbecue ribs, 443% more

Las Vegas
Beef kabobs, 624% more i
Fries, 554% more
Chicken lettuce wrap, 525% more

Los Angeles
Yellow curry, 640% more
California burrito, 623% more
Asada burrito, 605% more

Barbacoa tacos, 684% more
Chicken soup, 654% more
Dragon roll, 654% more

Chicken makhani, 491% more
Chicken alfredo, 445% more
Vegetable egg roll, 436% more

New York cheesecake, 676% more
Fried mushrooms, 611% more
Wonton egg drop soup, 538% more

New York City
Croissant, 615% more
Muffins, 604% more
Spicy chicken sandwich, 582% more

Mini tacos, 771% more
Buffalo chicken fingers, 739% more
Pizza fries, 665% more

Buffalo chicken salad, 691%
Chicken salad, 686% more
Buffalo chicken sandwich, 665% more

Greek fries, 652% more
Chimichanga, 465% more
Chicken pho, 464% more

Tom kha soup, 694% more
Sticky rice, 548% more
Gyro wrap, 509% more

San Francisco
Chicken katsu, 622% more
Sesame chicken, 615% more
Rock and roll sushi roll, 601% more

Barbecue pork, 606% more
Breadsticks, 585% more
Tandoori chicken, 445% more

St. Louis
Chili, 698% more
Potato skins, 554% more
Baked lasagna, 542% more

Washington D.C.
Pork dumplings, 667% more
Cheesy bread, 597% more
Vegetarian spring roll, 568% more