Let’s talk about money. We make it, we spend it. We try to save it. We hustle to make sure we have enough, keep enough and share enough. Moneyish is a digital storytelling project that sees the world through cash colored glasses, always spotting the money angles in pop culture, travel, wellness, fitness and celebrity stories.

This is Moneyish, a new way of talking about money.

The Team

Nicole Lyn Pesce is a senior reporter at Moneyish. She spent more than a decade covering entertainment, health, finance and human-interest stories at the New York Daily News, specializing in profiling ordinary people doing extraordinary things. She’s also a nine-time marathon finisher and a fundraiser for cancer charities. You can follow Nicole on Twitter @PesceNic or email her at

Catey Hill is the deputy editor of Moneyish and a journalist whose work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, SmartMoney, Worth, Seventeen, and the New York Daily News. She is the author of “The 30-Minute Money Plan for Moms” (Hachette, 2018) and “Shoo, Jimmy Choo! The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spending Less and Saving More” (Sterling, 2010). Catey has appeared on “The Today Show,” “FOX & Friends,” “CBS This Morning,” and “The Lead With Jake Tapper” on CNN; in magazines such as Marie Claire, Allure, Cosmopolitan and Woman’s Day; and on more than 100 radio programs. You can follow Catey on Twitter @cateyhill or email her at

Katerina Ang writes about money, pop culture and politics for Moneyish. A longtime Wall Street Journal contributor and former correspondent for Women’s Wear Daily, she also wrote for the New York Times, the Financial Times and Esquire. Katerina graduated from Columbia University with a BA in history. You can email her at

Raakhee Mirchandani is the Editor-in-Chief of Moneyish and Senior Content Development Editor at Dow Jones Media Group. A former Managing Editor at the New York Daily News, Raakhee has spent over a decade in tabloid news, including as a fashion and beauty columnist at the New York Post and a news columnist at the Boston Herald. Raakhee has appeared on the “Today” show, FOX and Sirius and her writing has been published in Glamour, Huffington Post, Yahoo!, Cosmopolitan, Redbook and Elle, where she’s still a parenting contributor. Most importantly, Raakhee is a proud pediatric cancer advocate and constantly inspired by her fierce 3-year-old daughter who beat cancer before she could walk. You can follow her on Twitter @Raakstar or email her at

The Fam

Moneyish is a standalone, independent site within the Dow Jones Media Group,  a vibrant collection of digital media brands.