Alexa, I need wine stat!

Amazon announced Tuesday that consumers can now ask Alexa to bring them stuff in about two hours. It has linked its Prime Now feature — which lets Prime consumers get hundreds of items delivered for free in a two-hour window — with its Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo, Echo Dot, Fire tablet and Fire TV.

“Tens of thousands of daily essentials are available for free two-hour delivery by simply asking Alexa to order from Prime Now,” Amazon wrote in an email to reporters. This might include anything from laundry detergent to cat food to toys.

And in some cities, it even includes booze. Alcohol delivery, including spirits, is available in Seattle; beer and wine delivery is available in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio.

To get your goodS fast, you simply ask Alexa: “Alexa, order X from Prime Now.” Alexa will then recommend a product from her Prime Now catalog, and the items will arrive within the next two hour window, the company says. This feature is now available in 30 cities.