Lyft has a long road ahead.

The on-demand car service app is now rolling through nearly every corner of 32 U.S. states, including more hard-to-get-to rural areas.

Lyft is available in some capacity in all 50 states, but now the service — which lets you summon a car via your smartphone — can pick up customers in 94% of the country, reaching 287 million people pretty much anywhere that has a road, the company announced in a statement recently.

Until now, using the smartphone app to get a ride within minutes was only used in more populated urban areas. Lyft’s expansion to places with less demand is an effort to rival its longtime competitor Uber, which controls around 75% of the on-demand ride market in the country, and holds statewide coverage in 13 states, according to

Lyft has been recruiting new drivers for months in smaller towns, and will even offer rides in Alaska and throughout Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It could take more than 10 minutes to get a ride in more remote places, so those trying to book it to the airport might want to use the app’s scheduled ride service, if available.

The wider ride availability is a huge positive for the elderly and those with disabilities who need to get around quick, but don’t have access to cabs. As demand grows in those areas, more drivers will circulate and customers can expect shorter wait time, the company notes.