Here’s a new way to crowdfund.

Brands and restaurants are paying people to attend parties or wait in line outside storefronts to make them seem cool and busy.

Call it crowd matchmaking — it’s all done through Surkus, an app that tailors a business’ ideal demographic to specific happenings like comedy shows, live ticketed events or parties. And it pays people as low as $5 to an average of $25 to $40, and up to $100. Surkus takes a chunk of the client’s budget for each production.

“Go out. Have. Fun. Get paid,” is the app’s tagline.

Here’s how it works: Users sign up for the app like they would create a dating profile – disclose their age, email, zip code and phone number – and upload a minimum of three photos of themselves. Instead of creating a sappy profile, you pick your event preferences by selecting categories like “Bar & Lounge;” “Day Parties” and even being a background or extra on a movie set. It also lets you pick your favorite music.

Once an event has been scheduled, the Surkus algorithm goes through users’ profiles with the business’ desired criteria in mind. For example, a gaming company might ask the app to find men and women ages 18 to 32 who love comic books and the company’s product. Once it tracks down potential attendees, users get sent “availability requests.”

And so you don’t blow the contrived “cool factor,” participants are asked to remain discreet about being paid to be there. Users get money within 24 hours via PayPal.

Sure organic lines form on their own — think the madness that surrounded the Ramen Burger, or more recently, the craze over the Spaghetti Donut at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. But others need help getting a head start on the hype — after all, the Cronut only blew up after food bloggers announced it was a thing in 2013.

“Many companies know their core demographic, but they don’t know how to get a hold of those people,” founder Stephen George tells the Washington Post.

George says if you really use the app often, some could make $4,000 a year.

Surkus has already filled seats and floor space at 4,200 events for 750 clients throughout New York City, Miami and Los Angeles.